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Largest places in Kiribati

The largest cities and places in Kiribati at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Kiribati.

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Largest places in Kiribati
Tarawa Tarawa1.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands40,311
Betio Village Betio Village2.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands12,509
Bikenibeu Village Bikenibeu Village3.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands6,170
Teaoraereke Village Teaoraereke Village4.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands3,939
Bairiki Village Bairiki Village5.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands2,766
Eita Village Eita Village6.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands2,299
Bonriki Village Bonriki Village7.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands2,119
Temaiku Village Temaiku Village8.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands2,011
Tabwakea Village Tabwakea Village9.Line Islands Line Islands1,881
Makin Village Makin Village10.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands1,834
London Village London Village11.Line Islands Line Islands1,829
Banraeaba Village Banraeaba Village12.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands1,789
Nawerewere Village Nawerewere Village13.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands1,780
Ambo Village Ambo Village14.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands1,688
Buota Village Buota Village15.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands1,373
Banana Village Banana Village16.Line Islands Line Islands1,170
Rawannawi Village Rawannawi Village17.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands1,075
Taborio Village Taborio Village18.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands955
Rungata Rungata19.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands933
Abarao Village Abarao Village20.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands908
Taborio Village Taborio Village21.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands845
Eita Village Eita Village22.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands814
Nanikai Village Nanikai Village23.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands803
Roreti Village Roreti Village24.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands764
Toboiaki Village Toboiaki Village25.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands668
Kuma Village Kuma Village26.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands635
Rotuma Village Rotuma Village27.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands625
Buariki Village Buariki Village28.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands597
Tabiang Village Tabiang Village29.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands591
Utiroa Village Utiroa Village30.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands571
Bakaka Village Bakaka Village31.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands559
Kiebu Village Kiebu Village32.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands551
Matang Village Matang Village33.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands548
Tanaeang Village Tanaeang Village34.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands514
Buariki Village Buariki Village35.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands509
Tamaroa Village Tamaroa Village36.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands492
Tekatirirake Village Tekatirirake Village37.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands486
Tuarabu Village Tuarabu Village38.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands484
Nuotaea Village Nuotaea Village39.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands481
Bubutei Village Bubutei Village40.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands473
Tenenebo Village Tenenebo Village41.Line Islands Line Islands461
Koinawa Village Koinawa Village42.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands453
Buariki Village Buariki Village43.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands447
Tereitaki Village Tereitaki Village44.Line Islands Line Islands438
Abatao Village Abatao Village45.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands421
Tabiang Village Tabiang Village46.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands416
Nabeina Village Nabeina Village47.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands414
Morikao Village Morikao Village48.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands400
Tabontebike Village Tabontebike Village49.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands391
Tabiteuea Village Tabiteuea Village50.Gilbert Islands Gilbert Islands391

1 - 50 of 159 places
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